3D CAD Models

We offer a range of 3D CAD models from point clouds in various formats and levels of detail to suit your needs.

The density of information contained within the point cloud provides many advantages but also comes with its own challenges. While some modern software applications offer semi-automatic solutions to fit detail in CAD, the majority relies on a manual process. Our skilled team have vast experience in the manipulation and conversion of point cloud data into CAD. Our CAD services include creating as-built 3D CAD models from a point cloud.

Prior to commissioning a 3D model, it is vital to decide on the required level of detail and accuracy of the final delivery. This will be mainly determined by the purpose of the deliverable. For example, fully detailed architectural model will be more time consuming and costly to produce. If you simply require contextual elevations to support a planning application perhaps a lower level of detail will be sufficient and more economical. We will be happy to discuss the level of detail in order to provide you with a product that is right for you.