laser scanning services

Process and Benefits

3D laser scanning is the process of converting physical objects into precise digital models, which allow you to quickly and accurately capture the shape and geometry of your objects. This process provides you with a complete digital representation of the architecture, infrastructure, or heritage element to be used for reverse engineering, quality inspection, or at any point in a construction project cycle.

Through high definition scanning services, it is possible to create 3D models of the existing construction conditions, which ultimately translate into element documentation.

3D laser scanning services have a significantly faster response time compared to other traditional methods and provide a large number of visual aids during the design phase, extremely useful to streamline project reviews with all those interested in the project and provide an even higher level of quality.​

3D scanning provides a safer, richer and faster method of acquiring spatial data that provides countless opportunities for customers, managers of projects, architects and engineers to monitor, evaluate and analyze the physical data captured from the environment using most common modeling software tools such as AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, Solidworks, Tekla, Inventor, and others.

In addition to having up to date and valid trade documentation, i.e WCA Letter of good standing, Public liability insurance, employee medicals, NOSA training certificates, and Tax clearance certificates, asBuilt is also level 4 BEE compliment.